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Graph drawing overview and graph site.

The graphs that people frequently use may be statistical graphs that are represented by shapes so that statistical information can be viewed visually, and function graphs that express mathematical functions as coordinates.
In the case of statistical graphs, it is often possible to easily write a good document program in a barrel, but in the case of function graphs, it is often not so. If you need to create a function graph as needed, why not try using the sites below? do.
A site where you can create graphs using functions.
Since it basically supports Korean, it is easy to use, and it supports virtual keyboard at the bottom of the page, so it is easy to enter functions.
In addition, it can be viewed as a convenient site in many ways because the completed graph can be downloaded, saved as an image, or printed from the three menus in the upper left.
A site where you can create graphs by entering graphs or coordinates using functions.
Click the three lines at the top left to see a sample example. Click the + shape below it to add a function or table to create a 그래프게임.
For reference, it is possible to add a picture that can be used as a background.
Site that can create various graphs from function graphs to statistical graphs.
The basic format is to build a graph in a question-and-answer format. If you write a function to create a graph, you can see the solution to it. If you try to create a function graph for solving a problem, it can be considered as a very helpful site.
For reference, it basically has an English interface, but it can be converted to Hangul by clicking the 'Yes' button at the top of 'Are you looking for a Korean version?'
Compared to the above sites, it can be considered as a fairly simple site.
There is no special menu, and it is possible to create a graph using the function input section and the + button on the upper right.
For reference, click? To display a description page related to using the site.

Source: http://www.mtbookg.com